If you are an employee of a large corporation, it is likely that your company has a designated portal or travel agent to handle hotel bookings. In such cases, the corporate rate may be applied automatically in the background, and you may not be aware of your company’s specific code.

Here is a full list of Hilton corporate rate for travelers:

CompanyHotel GroupCodeSearch Hotels
3MHiltonN0001542Check Rates
AccentureHilton10850857Check Rates
AccentureHiltonN0156333Check Rates
Akzo NobleHilton402371223Check Rates
AT&THiltonN0000046Check Rates
Bank of AmericaHiltonN0710081Check Rates
BASFHiltonN0001125Check Rates
Berkshire HathawayHiltonN0437015Check Rates
BlackstoneHiltonN9880578Check Rates
BP InternationalHiltonN2728493Check Rates
CapGeminiHiltonN0990552Check Rates
Coca ColaHiltonN0001420Check Rates
DellHiltonN7654328Check Rates
DeloitteHilton601560Check Rates
DisneyHiltonN0997136Check Rates
Dow ChemicalHiltonN0990214Check Rates
FedexHiltonN0001231Check Rates
FFEIEHiltonD600198360Check Rates
Fiat ChryslerHiltonN2674000Check Rates
Ford Motor CompanyHiltonN0900266Check Rates
General ElectricHiltonN0001398Check Rates
General MotorsHiltonN0903395Check Rates
Harley DavidsonHiltonN3846652Check Rates
Home DepotHiltonN0794705Check Rates
HPHilton9122532Check Rates
IBMHilton1368083Check Rates
IBMHilton901452Check Rates
IBMHiltonN2666284Check Rates
JC PenneyHiltonN0381437Check Rates
MascoHiltonN0990761Check Rates
McDonaldsHiltonN1360871Check Rates
McKessonHiltonN9890367Check Rates
McKinseyHiltonN2741095Check Rates
MVPHilton560041604Check Rates
NestleHiltonN4083580Check Rates
OracleHiltonN0992835Check Rates
Proctor & GambleHiltonN0000537Check Rates
ShellHiltonN0000576Check Rates
SiemensHilton323009803Check Rates
SixtHiltonD343260360Check Rates
TargetHiltonN4083735Check Rates
VolvoHiltonN2435318Check Rates
Volvo Car CorpHilton355019365Check Rates
Wells FargoHiltonN0156393Check Rates

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