As a general rule, Marriott corporate codes are provided by the company to its employees or members for a specific discount on the company’s negotiated rates.

Corporate codes are typically private and not meant for public use.

It’s best to check with your company’s travel department or HR department for the specific code or any other requirements for using it.

Phone Reservations Only:

WSAS $10 off and breakfast for 2 special rate
MYZZ 25 or 50 % off at select vacation Club Villas
MWAR 3rd night free in Thailand
MMEO 4th night free at select Marriott Offshore resorts in the Carribean
MWAQ JW Marriott Orlando Grand lakes & Orlando World Center
LLOF JW Orlando Grande Lakes Summer Reconnect Package:
RDPR $50 Dining Credit daily at participating JW Resort hotels

Online Reservations:

W8S Western hotels special rates
W9S LA Airport
W14 Wedding
W21 Winter Promotional Rates
WKD Weekend
WW9 Stay 2 nights get a Marriott Cheque worth up to €50/$50

XES – AmEx Card Bonus Buck promotional rate
XMA/XSP Xmas offer but works till March in some properties
XSP From Delta Skymiles statement (unknown if affiliated with above)
XSP also listed again as stay for breakfast

YB3 $20 Target gift card at CYs – No longer in use.
YB6 UK Barclays Promo – No longer in use.
YX1 $50 daily hotel credit (works as of 12/17)

Z2H Hot Rates AAA
Z4M Mesa AZ Courtyard – No longer in use.
ZEA RC Amex rate – may include breakfast and daily resort credit.
ZH4 Family Fun rate
ZJL: Various promos

6ME: free breakfast when you pre-pay in full with Visa

S4B Stay for breakfast (works as of 12/17)
SHO Shopping Package
SPA Spa Package
SPO Sporting Event

TFB Two for Breakfast
THM Theme parks
TRS We Car(e) for you

UKH Metro Denver area discount (see post #871 for details)

V12 Marriott Resorts and JW Marriott Summer Gift Card Promotion
V88 London Area Marriott Hotels – No longer in use.

N8R $50 Bonus Bucks for up to 2 nights
N9R Fall getaway
NCL Family package
NPR Cluster code – may require an id (use with caution)

OTP Come out and play – No longer in use.

P17 Point Saver Award availability (requires ordering of appropriate award cert)
P42 Pere Marquette New Orleans (and different results throughout Europe) also, Florida Spa Package
P74 Hawaii Escape
PES Escape Packages
PK3 Renaissance Bangkok, complimentary upgrade to Studio Suite for 3+ nights stay, expires 12/24/18
PKF Park and Fly
PKG Package Rates (Can sometimes bring up many types of “package” rates)
PRO Promotional Rates (Various promotional packages)

R6M Renaissance $50 Savings Cert future 2 night stay plus free Airline Companion Ticket
R8H Los Angeles Renaissance $76/night F-Su
RAC Regular Rate for Hotel(seems to be same as REG)
REG Regular Rate for Hotel(seems to be same as RAC)
ROM Romance Package for Couples
RXL Relax

LLR Cops/Firemen – or 2 rm family pkg World Center
LPR Local promotion rate
LRR Leisure Rate
LTS Long term stay
LVU Love You Special Rates

M96 Florida Weekend Rates (works as of 12/17)
M9W similiar to M11 with free b/f for 2006
M11 Marriott Rewards Member Offers – Must be Marriott Rewards member
M12 Marriott Rewards Elite Offers – Must be a Marriott Rewards member
M3D Buy 2 nights, get 3rd free in Middle East and Africa (T&C’s)
M41 Across Florida – includes Breakfast
MAJ Family package
MEB Last Minute Weekend (Thu-Sun) Travel Deals, up to 20% off (formerly SPG Hot Escapes) Link.
MEM Marriott Elite Members – Must be a Marriott elite member to use (no longer used- now is “Mediamath” corporate rate)
MR5: Marriott Elite offer
MRP Marriott Rewards Member Offer
MW1 Point Saver Award availability (requires ordering of appropriate award cert)

EAT Meal Promo
EMV Theme park
ENC Encore Discount
E0P E0G E0S (Zero’s folks) – elite promo codes

F8L Family fun in the SE USA
FAL “junk rates” OR
FAL Fall in love with ATL
FPL Florida Power
FML Family rate pkg
FXL Florida Resident Rate
FR6 Florida Resident Rate

GOF Golf Package

H30 Free night stay in southeast
HOL Holiday
HON Honeymoon
HPR Stay 3 get one free

I24 Renaissance Hotels or SE FS Marriotts 3 night min $100 credit

AAA also good for CAA members
AAZ Breakfast rate for AAA members (works as of 12/17)
A9M All State Motor Club – Thursday-Sunday
ADP (or ADV) advance purchase
A1X Percent-off Amex code for MVCI properties (requires payment by AmEx card)
AMX American Express – No longer in use.
ARN Culture package/Discover Europe
AXC AMEX Centurion, special booking requirements

B18 Up to $100 Bonus Buck promo – Certain US properties
BP6 Business Boost Package – Canadian FS properties
BAR Best Avail Rate
BOG Buy 1 get 1 free – Springhill Suites
BWG Buy One Get One Free

C9E Free breakfast when you pre-pay in full with Visa
C9N Canada Discounts
C8E 20% off Europe Weekends and/or 3 for Germany CYs
COR: General corporate/business rate
CRP Corporate – No longer in use.
CUE Eastern U.S. Cultural / Arts
CFY Can’t Beat Friday – UK (requires a Friday night stay)

D18 Deluxe Dining Package
D34 Special promo rates in europe and some u.s. areas
D50 Special Value Rate
D52 Northwest airlines specials in southwest US (no longer in use)
D55 Earn a $25 Visa Gift Card when you stay at participating Marriott properties and pay with your Visa® card.
D56 Family Fun pkg resorts AZ CA FL HI NV TX
D58 Sea World Orlando Promo (RI, SHS and FI by Sea World)
D60 Taste of Italy (dining packages, not only in italy)

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